It was in 1928 that the first race with cars was born in Castelo Branco ...  

Taking place in the actual urban historic area of Castelo Branco, several vehicles took part in the so-called race “Corrida da Rampa”. A race that had front page honors in the "O Século" newspaper. This Race was very atyplical... The winner of the race, Joaquim Fernandes in BNC 527 Monthlery, would only qualify in the repetition of the race that took place on July 26, 1928 because it was then contested by alleged timing problems in its first version, which occurred the weekend before July 21, 1928.

In 2005, CAACB - Clube de Automóveis Antigos de Castelo Branco was part of the group of clubs that, headed by Paulo Almeida, organized a re-edition of this unique competition at national level, due to its distinct car park, the Pre-War cars.

The CAACB, after being forced to postpone this event in 2021, due to pandemic issues, will reissue this race on 14 and 15 May 2022, however, making the “Corrida da Rampa” one of the two parts that make the “Grande Prémio Historico de Castelo Branco”. We created the “Gynkana da Freguesia” to further enhance and in perfect harmony this event, with it, it will be possible to appreciate the cars in a Slalom  in the center of Castelo Branco. The GPHCB will be restricted to Pre-War automobiles and motorcycles (until 1939).

This completes the range that we offer to our participants, who can thus have a weekend with refinement, glamor and a little splash of “competition”.

We are waiting for you in Castelo Branco, do your entry registration here, come and be part of this memorable event!

#SomosCAACB (#WeareCAACB)